About Litter Free Coast and Sea
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Litter Free Coast and Sea has one Part Time Project Coordinator, one Part Time, and one Full Time Project Officer, who are supported by volunteers with a wide range of skills across Dorset.

Matilda Manley Litter Free Coast and Sea Project Co-ordinator

Matilda is responsible for the management of the campaign, including project delivery, co-ordination, finance, stakeholder engagement and project scoping.

Matilda has been working to help create Litter Free Coast and Sea since the campaigns inception in 2012. She is passionate about creating real change rather than just raising awareness and loves the Dorset coast.


01305 221752

Sarah Spurling Litter Free Coast and Sea Project Officer

Sarah is responsible for the project development and delivery for some of Litter Free Coast Sea Campaigns and also facilitates the Sustainable Swanage project.

She has a degree in Rural Environmental management and has worked previously as a countryside ranger and also as a tutor in outdoor education.


01305 224731

Stuart Beckingham Litter Free Coast and Sea Project Officer

Stuart is responsible for project development and delivery of Litter Free Coast and Sea campaigns.

He is a passionate advocate for ocean conservation and has spent many hours underwater leading SCUBA diving trips in Indonesia, Borneo and Thailand.


01305 224728

Dorset Coast Forum Team

Litter Free Coast and Sea was established by the Dorset Coast Forum and we work closely with the team on shared marine projects. To find out more about the Dorset Coast Forum including contact details please follow the link below.

Go to DCF website