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A group established in Swanage as part of the town’s ongoing efforts to become a more sustainable community and protect our precious environment

Our founding mission was to positively support the community of Swanage in reducing its waste, with an emphasis on plastic, but we have since expanded our work to include biodiversity and energy. We provide a link between different local organisations and groups and are working together to find solutions to issues that affect our local environment. We provide a central point of information for the community on these issues and provide a means of sharing good tips and connecting people. We are a positive group looking to the future and how we can all live more sustainably and become resilient to future stresses and challenges that we face in our community.



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                          Car clubs for Swanage ?

Update from the Active Travel Group. We are a group made up of members of the community with a shared interest to help make a positive impact to our local area. We are working on projects to help the people of Swanage reduce car use and increase active travel around the town. One of these ideas is a car club. A car club is a potential way that we could help reduce unnecessary car ownership and usage in Swanage.

We are looking at the feasibility of establishing a car club so that anyone with a valid licence can register to access electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis. Here are some examples of how it can work:


Car clubs allow you to access a vehicle when you need it for as long you need it, for an hour, a day or a month. Other than the hourly cost you usually pay a monthly or annual membership fee and a mileage cost. Since you only pay for a vehicle when you need it, car clubs can be a very effective way of reducing household motoring costs.


Another way for residents to share cars instead of owning one is via temporary insurance to allow you to drive vehicles owned by friends or family. There are now a variety of major insurers that will flexibly provide as little as one hour’s cover, by registering with a website or app such as:


The Active Travel Group have created a survey to establish interest in these ideas in Swanage. The easiest way to respond is online, just click on the link below: Your answers will only be used to assess feasibility, and will remain anonymous unless you choose to leave your contact details. 

Click here for link to our survey 


So, the COP26 event has finished. Have you been following it?

This last 2 weeks has been long awaited and seen the climate crisis in the headline news daily. It has hopefully reached the attention of many more people as a critical issue we must all address and provided more inspiration and tools to make things happen.


In the wake of COP26, we are even more motivated and empowered to work harder to bring positive change and energy to our community. We have made fantastic progress so far and I am really feeling the energy amongst the people I have been meeting in the last few weeks!


What we can do now is continue to join forces, reach more members of our community, and keep the huge momentum of the ground-up movement going. We can all make small changes but as a group theses changes all add up and it snowballs! Will you ‘sign up for small changes?’ Swanage alone has a population of around 10,000 imagine the impact for example of us all reducing our waste by just one bag a week?! It’s not about a few people being perfect but lots of us being imperfect but improving that makes the big difference.


Small changes, big numbers, big impact!


This week our focus is reducing waste and how, we would really like you to share your experiences, this all helps encourage and motivate and makes us remember that our efforts are part of something larger. There are many ways you can share your stories and/or let us know where you are finding things difficult and maybe we can work to find solutions! Comment on our facebook or Instagram pages, email us, visit us at the Swanage market 1st Friday of every month, pop in to the Herston Hall community café on Monday mornings, go on our have your say website Sustainable Swanage Ideas Forum | Sustainable Swanage | Dorset Coast Have Your Say or come along to an open meeting or a sub-group meeting!

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We have one part-time staff member, Sarah Spurling who facilitates and supports the different projects and campaigns, and is the central point of contact. There are a growing number of volunteers involved in the group at varying levels and to suit their interests. To find out more about getting involved or get help with a project idea you may have, visit the getting involved pages.

Get in touch with Sarah on
or call 01305 224731

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