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A group established in Swanage as part of the town’s ongoing efforts to become a more sustainable community and protect our precious environment

Our founding mission was to positively support the community of Swanage in reducing its waste, with an emphasis on plastic, but we have since expanded our work to include biodiversity and energy. We provide a link between different local organisations and groups and are working together to find solutions to issues that affect our local environment. We provide a central point of information for the community on these issues and provide a means of sharing good tips and connecting people. We are a positive group looking to the future and how we can all live more sustainably and become resilient to future stresses and challenges that we face in our community.



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Sustainable Swanage partnership with “Solar Streets”


Despite lockdown, a lot has been happening on the environmental front in Purbeck. In March Sustainable Swanage, which is supported by Swanage Town Council, Dorset Coast Forum and other local organisations, highlighted a partnership initiative with Solar Streets, promoting the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels by households and businesses in Swanage and the surrounding villages.


Even though many people are keen to install solar panels, cost is often a barrier. Sustainable Swanage looked for a way of making it more affordable, and came across the Solar Streets initiative in Frome, where lots of houses had panels installed at a discounted price. The company that did the installation was IDDEA. IDDEA offers a reduced price because it can bulk buy panels when it does a lot of installations in one area.


The partnership means that for every installation of PV panels in Swanage, IDDEA will contribute to a Swanage Sustainable Community Fund – £50 for residential and £100 for commercial – that will be used to fund local environmental projects. However, if you are interested, make sure you research whether solar is right for your property, and get quotes from other installers too.


Swanage Town Council agreed to support Sustainable Swanage in encouraging residents to inform themselves about the opportunity that IDDEA are offering as well as other options and suppliers for installing solar panels. The council is not directly marketing the scheme or promoting the supplier. Any queries and questions about it should be forwarded to IDDEA or the Green Group, which promotes the Solar Streets scheme.


You can find information about the scheme and a recording of the launch on


Planning permission is not generally needed to install PV needed unless you live in a conservation area or listed building. It is not recommended for stone or concrete roofs.

Improving Greenspaces

With insects and bird populations in steep decline there has never been a more important time to think about how we can all make homes for nature in the small patch of the world we manage.

We have been working with Swanage Town Council, Dorset Council, local schools and churches to help improve existing greenspace sites for wildlife and provide interest and inspiration for people. We have had some lovely feedback from people who have really enjoyed the new trees, wildflowers and associated that has come about, now it is spring and everything is bursting into life it is very heartening to see such positive changes. 62 new trees have been planted on public land this winter and soon they will be bursting into life after their dormant season. Different species of trees come out at different times, fun to watch and keep an eye on them!


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We have one part-time staff member, Sarah Spurling who facilitates and supports the different projects and campaigns, and is the central point of contact. There are a growing number of volunteers involved in the group at varying levels and to suit their interests. To find out more about getting involved or get help with a project idea you may have, visit the getting involved pages.

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