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Residents & Visitors


Dorset has some of the best beaches and bathing waters in the country. We’re working to make them even better and we need your help.

How to keep Dorset’s beaches litter free…

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Butts off the beach

Use a cigarette bin or carry a pocket ash tray to dispose of your butts

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Enjoy a litter free BBQ

Cool your hot BBQ with seawater then check disposal advice at each beach.

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Pick up dog poo

Bag it and bin it. There are plenty of dog poo bin located around popular locations.

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No cooking fat down the drain

Pour fat into an old pot or can and once cool and scrape it into the bin.

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Use reusables bottles and containers

Use reusable containers and bags for drinks and food to help save you money and waste. Download the Refill app to find your nearest water refill station for free water.

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If it didn’t come from you, don’t flush it down the loo!

Only pee, poo and paper should be flushed to help keep sewers clean and bathing water quality high.

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Take part in a #2minutebeachclean

An initiative to inspire all beach users to spend 2 minutes protecting the place they love.

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helping keep dorset’s beaches clean

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