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introducing our business award scheme

Litter Free Coast and Sea has created this free award for all types of businesses along the Dorset and East Devon coast. We know how important clean beaches with high bathing water quality are to the local communities, tourism and the environment. That’s why by making simple changes, business can support and help create cleaner seas. Take your business from good to great with these simple measures that make all the difference.
Healthy beaches. Happy people.
There are plenty of reasons why cleaner beaches and seas are important to local communities, tourism and the success of businesses in Dorset. Sometimes the issues are hard to see. What we throw away, flush down the toilet and pour down our sinks can block drains and sewers allowing litter and sewage to enter the sea after heavy rainfall, affecting the bathing water quality for swimmers and water users.
By taking part in the Litter Free Coast and Sea Business Award Scheme and making a few simple alterations to the way you operate you will help create great beaches free of litter with improved water quality which, in turn, will benefit your business.The scheme is also a great way of boosting your environmental credentials to customers.
Every business can make a difference.

Whether you are a café, restaurant, bar, bed & breakfast, hotel, holiday park or campsite. Beachfront or further inland, you can make a valued difference to your business, the wider community and the environment.

“We love where we live and work and anything that keeps our coast clean and safe is worth doing. We think we’re quite environmentally aware but keen to see if there’s anything else we can do. We also think that it’s a really positive message to give to our customers.”
Aroma Coffee House & Kitchen

step one

Sign up to the Business Award Scheme and commit to the core principles.We’ll send you the Action Plan so that you can have a read through and start thinking about the areas of your business that you need to focus on. The checklist will take around 15-20 mins to complete. The options are straightforward and you may already have some of the features in place. By following the steps below or on the award pack you will receive an award, display material and be promoted to the public, Litter Free Coast and Sea members and our partners through a dedicated section on our website, e-newsletter and social media.

step two

Arrange an assessment with the Litter Free Coast and Sea team to finalise your action plan and to agree a timeline.Regularly check in with Litter Free Coast & Sea to demonstrate your progress.Using the checklist, we’ve provided suggested actions for businesses to implement.Once you have decided on which options you would like to go for, someone from the Litter Free Coast and Sea team will assess the changes.Some of the items include checking pipes and appliances for misconnections so that waste water is directed to sewage treatment and doesn’t end up going straight into our rivers and seas, installing fat traps in kitchen sinks or providing more bins for customers.

step three

Receive your accreditation. Once we have checked the changes, you will receive your Business Award, a window display sticker and certificate so people can see that you are an awarded business. It doesn’t matter if you are a business on the coast or further inland, you can still make a valuable difference to improving bathing water quality. We developed the award so that any business can join and get awarded.Whether you are a cafe, restaurant or bar, bed and breakfast, hotel, holiday park, campsite, beach rental/hire, visitor centre, shop or office, they can all play a part in reducing beach litter and pollution.

step four

Get promoted. We will celebrate the changes you have made through a dedicated page on our website, social media and in local news.

let’s get started!

Download the application form, fill it in on your computer and email the finished copy to us at litterfreecoastsea@dorsetcc.gov.uk.