Join us for an evening of inspirational talks & short films from speakers who are doing innovative and creative things to tackle coastal issues.

On Wednesday the 27th of April 2016 we’ll be hosting four speakers to share their stories of how they are using technology, art and people power to solve some of the biggest threats to our oceans and coasts. Tickets are free. 6.30-9pm at Kimmeridge House, Bournemouth University. Booking is essential, please scroll down to find the Eventbrite details and booking information. Free parking and tea and coffee provided.

Speaker profiles

Martin Dorey Founder of the #2minutebeachclean project

Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer and founder of the #2minutebeachclean project. The project has grown from a trial in Cornwall to become a global movement. The #2minutebeachclean project revolves around the simple idea that anyone can take 2 minutes, at any beach and at any time to pick up a few bits of litter and help keep our beaches and seas cleaner, together. Martin has encouraged a global community to share their litter finds online expanding awareness of marine litter with every 2 minutes making a difference.


Jo Atherton Artist

Jo Atherton is an artist who uses materials found washed up on the coastline, collecting fishing line, netting and other orphaned objects to create vibrant tapestries. Through her work she highlights the diversity of plastic objects washing ashore on the British coastline, and how they ubiquity of the this material enables us to reinterpret stories of our time. Her artwork has been toured internationally showing the scale of the litter problem.


Ali Murrell Co-Founder of Riz Boardshorts

Ali Murrell is the co-founder of Riz Boardshorts, a company which is pioneering the manufacturing of shorts crafted from 100% recyclable materials using ocean plastics collected through beach cleans. Ali is driving the #bottlestoboardshorts campaign as part of his mission to make beautiful boardshorts for a beautiful plastic free ocean.


Charlotte Bolton National Seasearch co-ordinator, diver and conservationist

Charlotte Bolton is a diver and national co-ordinator for the Seasearch project which uses citizen science to raise awarness of marine habitats in the South West of England.  Using trained eyes under the sea volunteers can recognise new species in our local waters in response to a changing global climate. Through community dives, the project is engaging coastal communities to help map, record and conserve our ocean ecosystem which is home to some of the most charasmatic species in the UK such as seahorses and fabulous fireworks anemones.