Litter Free Coast and Sea has one full time member of staff based at Cardiff University. The team consists of a project coordinator with the support of several volunteers.

Harriet Yates-Smith

Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset Project Coordinator

Harriet is responsible for the day to day management of the campaign, including project delivery, co-ordination, stakeholder engagement and project scoping.


She has a BSc degree in Environmental Science and has worked previously in a marine conservation charity in London where she coordinated several projects and managed a school education project in Lyme Regis. Harriet joins us from the Marine Biological Association where she ran marine community engagement events and managed a small group of volunteers in Plymouth.

 07973 176961

Severn Estuary Partnership

Litter Free Somerset Project lead

Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset is led by the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) which is hosted at Cardiff University. Lucy Taylor is the Partnership Officer for SEP and Dr Rhoda Ballinger is Line Manager. To find out more about the Severn Estuary Partnership please follow the link below.

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Natalie Poulter

Litter Free Coast & Sea - Dorset & East Devon Project Co-ordinator

Natalie is responsible for developing and delivering  Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset sister project in Dorset and East Devon. To learn more about the project please click the link below.

01305 221752

Litter Free Coast and Sea

Dorset & East Devon

Litter Free Coast & Sea in Dorset and East Devon began in 2011 after a collection of local organisations jointly decided that a campaign was needed to do more to stop litter reaching our beaches and sea at the first possible point.

Since 2011, the project has expanded to reduce the environmental, social and environmental impacts of marine and beach litter including the improvement and maintenance of bathing water quality. It also now includes its sister project Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset.

The project is coordinated by the Dorset Coast Forum. Hosted by Dorset County Council, they are an independent partnership who promote a sustainable approach to marine planning, management and development of the Dorset coast and its inshore waters.

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