Teaming up with Litter Free Coast and Sea Dorset (LFCSD) and Leave Only Footprints, for one week in April we shared a range of fun, exciting, relaxing and creative beach themed activities for both adults and children to get involved in whilst at home. The purpose of the campaign was to literally #BringTheBeachHome, keeping people connected with their local beaches and blue space throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period. 

#BringTheBeachHome ran from 6th April to 12th April 2020 and in this time reached nearly 30,000 people across all three organisations’ social media platforms!

Activity Highlights From The Week:

  • Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset (LFCSS)
    • Marine toilet paper art and crafts
    • At home beach picnic, playing sounds and videos of the beach whilst sitting on a picnic blanket eating home cooked delicious picnic food.
  • Litter Free Coast and Sea Dorset (LFCSD)
    • At home ice cream parlour, using colourful building blocks to create the parlour and sharing over 10 recipes to make ice-cream at home.
    • Listening to relaxing Dorset beach sounds
  • Leave Only Footprints (LOF)
    • Beach and wildlife themed yoga
    • Post card craft, sending a friend or family member your own beach themed postcards.

LFCSS Three Key Messages During Lockdown:

  1. Think before you flush”
    • If using alternatives to toilet paper, please make sure to put them in the bin and not down the loo, helping to avoid blockages and potential pollution incidents.
  2. “Only #RainDownTheDrain”
    • Do not poor waste liquids such as paint or oil down a surface water drains as they can harm the environment. Many surface water drains lead directly to rivers or the sea. Store waste liquids safely until recycling centres reopen.
  3. “#DontFeedAFatberg”
    • Now we are spending more time at home and therefore cooking more meals at home, it’s more important than ever to dispose of leftover cooking fat correctly. Pouring leftover cooking fats and oils down the sink can mix with other unflushables, setting hard in pipes and causing blockages and pollution.

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