As beaches and public spaces are becoming accessible again, I’m sure you will share our concerns regarding the amount of litter that appears to be returning with a vengeance. Whilst our dedicated local beach clean groups can’t organise community beach cleans just yet, Litter Free Coast and Sea would like to reinforce positive behaviour by encouraging people to take their litter home and help keep public spaces as clean as possible. 


Working with Litter Free Coast and Sea Dorset, in the coming weeks, we will be sharing POSITIVE images of local beaches during lockdown and encourage communities to get involved to share the same messages: 
  • How much did you miss visiting your favourite beach during lockdown? Show it some love #keepitclean and take your litter home ? 

  • The beaches may be open again but community beach cleans can’t happen yet. Please help us #keepitclean and take your litter home.

  • With lockdown restrictions easing slightly, the volume of litter accumulating on Somerset’s beaches is increasing! Let’s aim for a #betternormal and #keepitclean ?

  • General hashtags include: #LitterFreeCoast #LitterFreeSomerset #CleanBeaches #CleanSeas #LeaveOnlyFootprints #BinTheBeast #LoveWhereYouLive #BeTheChange #BetterNormal 


This campaign is being run on our social media channels:
We are asking the public to support the campaign by: 
  • Finding local sources of photos of beaches taken responsibly during lockdown. Emailing them to us for inclusion in the campaign and/or sharing these on your social media using one of the suggested posts above (remembering to tag us please!) 

  • Adding the #KeepItClean photo badge to any photos you share if possible 

  • Using the #KeepItClean Facebook cover image on your social media page 

  • Sharing, liking and commenting on the posts we put up our social media accounts.  


With your support we hope this campaign can be successful and help to keep our local beaches clean –  Thank You!!!


LFCSS Three Key Messages During Covid-19 Lockdown:


  1. Think before you flush”

    • If using alternatives to toilet paper, please make sure to put them in the bin and not down the loo, helping to avoid blockages and potential pollution incidents.

  2. “Only #RainDownTheDrain”

    • Do not poor waste liquids such as paint or oil down a surface water drains as they can harm the environment. Many surface water drains lead directly to rivers or the sea. Store waste liquids safely until recycling centres reopen.

  3. “#DontFeedAFatberg”

    • Now we are spending more time at home and therefore cooking more meals at home, it’s more important than ever to dispose of leftover cooking fat correctly. Pouring leftover cooking fats and oils down the sink can mix with other unflushables, setting hard in pipes and causing blockages and pollution.

“Unfortunately the volume of litter on some beaches in Somerset has increased during lockdown as we have been unable to carry out community beach cleans whilst following UK government guidelines. This litter is now becoming covered by a layer of sand which will make it more difficult to see and collect once community beach cleans resume. With beaches becoming more accessible again, it is even more important that individuals take their litter home and do not add to the volume of litter already accumulating on our beautiful Somerset beaches. Please help us to #KeepItClean” – Emily Wordley, Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset Project Officer

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