Turn your school into a Coastal Champion!
Work together and make positive changes that have big benefits for local nature, waterways and coastal environments


Working in partnership with other active, non-profit groups, the Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset have replicated the [Business Award Scheme] as a School League – sharing messages and actions with schools to improve performance and to include bathing water and marine litter issues in environmental education programmes


There are plenty of reasons why cleaner beaches and seas and thriving coastal ecosystems are important to local communities, clubs and schools in Somerset.


Sometimes environmental issues and their long-term impact can be hard to see. What we do know is that we can all make a positive difference to the natural environment that surrounds us and supports us if we work together to reduce our environmental impact. For example, we know that what we throw away, flush down the toilet and pour down our sinks can block drains and sewers allowing litter and sewage to enter the sea after heavy rainfall. This reduces the cleanliness of our coastal waters, destroys habitats and affects the bathing water quality for swimmers and water users.


Why Get Involved?

By becoming a Somerset School Coastal Champion, you and your friends, your teachers and your school managers can work together to make a few simple changes to the way your school runs – embedding good practices like nature conservation, sustainable resource use and sound environmental policies into the heart of your school and the people that learn and play there to help create great coastal habitats and beaches that are full of wildlife, free from litter and with clean waters for even the youngest explorers to paddle in.


Every school can make a difference.


How Does The Scheme Work?

Each level of the scheme should take about one school term to complete.
The actions are all quite straightforward (and the school may have already completed some of the actions points). By following the steps outlined on your personal action plan, you will receive accreditation to the Somerset School Coastal Champions league which includes certificates of achievement, window stickers, and promotion of your school’s efforts online, on social media and at events.



How To Get Involved

  1. Sign Up To Become A Somerset Coastal Champion And Commit To The Core Principles: We’ll send you the Action Plan so that you can have a read through and start thinking about the areas of your school that you need to focus on.
  2. Identify Fellow Coastal Champions and Pick Your A Team: Hint…try to include a wide range of players in your team including teachers, school managers, PTA members, pupils and TAs.
  3. Set To Work: Its time for some investigation – what does your school already do to protect the coastal environment and where could it do better?
  4. Its Action Time: Find your allies within the school, and work out how to achieve all of the different challenges on your action plans. Set yourself a timeline so that you have milestones to work towards (hint…try to achieve one level per term).
  5. Actions speak louder than words: Lead by example and celebrate what you are achieving within your community. Share your stories within the school, friends, families. Pass the baton and inspire other schools to get involved by sharing the changes that you have made. Tweet your success stories using the hashtag #SomersetCoastalChampions


Who’s On Board?


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