Plastic Free Day – Workplace

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On July 3rd Challenge your workplace to a Zero Waste Lunch.


Lunch time may just be the best time of the day, it is a chance for colleagues to get together, catch up and recharge. Whether your staff eat in your company’s canteen or pop to the local shops, we want you to challenge your staff, team or department to cut out single use plastic on July 3rd.


Have you ever sat back and considered the amount of single-use plastic lunch time can consist of? Sandwiches’ wrapped in cling film, a chocolate wrapper, yogurt pots, plastic cutlery, plastic water bottles, it sometimes seems impossible to avoid the large amounts of single-use plastic consumed in our lunch break.


That’s why for our first ever Plastic Free Day we have chosen the theme of a Zero waste Lunch. It may seem like a difficult challenge but there is a huge number of eco-friendly alternatives out there and ditching single-use plastic, even just for your lunch hour has never been easier and we are here to show you how.[/vc_column_text]


Here’s how to do it: 


The Plastic Free Challenge


Challenge your workplace to have a Zero Waste Lunch!


The Facts: Single-use plastics make up about half of the plastic waste produced in the UK. Single-use plastics include things like biscuit wrappers, plastic bottles, straws and crisp packets….things that we use for a really short time and then become rubbish.


A Zero Waste Lunch is one that uses as little single-use plastic as possible. To go Zero Plastic, everyone will need to think about what they bring to work for lunch, and how it’s wrapped.


You might have to do things a bit differently. We’ve provided some tips to get you thinking about reusable containers and plastic-free alternatives!



What counts as single-use plastic?

Good question.


Count any plastic that won’t be used again, whether or not it could be recycled. This will include shrink wrap, cling film, biscuit wrappers, crisp packets, straws, yogurt pots or disposable cutlery.


Don’t count plastic tubs, pots, bottles, bags or cutlery that will be washed and reused.



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To help get you started, here are some of our top tips:


Packed Lunch –


  • Use a reusable lunchbox and water bottle.
  • Use old bits of cloth or an eco-friendly alternative, like Beeswax Wraps to wrap your sandwiches instead of cellophane.
  • Bring your own reusable cups, plates and cutlery with you.
  • Make your own snacks instead of buying things like crisps and chocolate that come packaged in single-use plastic.
  • Buy items in bulk, for example buy large tubs of yoghurt and pour it into a reusable pot.
  • If you do have any rubbish, where possible recycle it.
  • Most importantly do not leave rubbish behind as litter. If you do have non-recyclable rubbish, be sure to bin it.


Buying Lunch/Eating in Canteen –


  • Choose unpackaged products. If you need a bag, bring your own or use a recycled paper one.
  • Eat where you buy and ask for a reusable cup, plate and cutlery, rather than getting it to takeaway as most of this cannot be recycled as it will be contaminated with food.
  • If reusables are not available, shop at places with eco-friendly alternatives such as, paper, bamboo/wood or biodegradable packaging/cutlery.
  • Bring your own water bottle and fill it up with local tap water, if you are out and about use the Refill App to find your nearest Refill station.
  • Avoid buying multipacks, like crisps and yogurts.
  • If you do have any rubbish, where possible recycle it.
  • Most importantly do not leave rubbish behind as litter. If you do have non-recyclable rubbish, be sure to bin it.

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Spread the word:


Here are two downloadable posters to tell your workforce, team or department what is happening, when and where.



Plastic Free Day Poster 1

Plastic Free Day Poster 2





You can share you achievements with us via our social media channels by tagging us (see below) and by using the following hashtags – #plasticfreeday #zerowastelunch #litterfreecoastandsea


Facebook: @LitterFreeCoastandSea


Twitter/Instagram: @litterfreecoast




Measure the impact:


If you want to make things a little more competitive, we have provided you with a recording sheet (which can be downloaded below) that will allow you to measure how much waste you have created. To give us a realistic picture we would like you to weigh the amount of rubbish collected on a normal day the week before the Plastic Free Day and then again on the 3rd July to compare the amount of waste saved from going to its most likely destination, landfill. If weighing is not an option then you can just evidence your waste via a picture. We would like you to send the recording sheets back to us via so we can analyse the data for future campaigns. As an extra incentive we will also send you a certificate to show that your business took part!



Recording Sheet 2018


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#plasticfreeday #zerowastelunch #litterfreecoastandsea


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If your a business owner and would like to make a lasting change, not just for our Plastic Free Day, we have some initiatives to help you make positive changes for your business and the local environment.





Refill is a practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street. We know water fountains can be expensive to install and maintain, and often hard to find in our towns and rural areas alike. Besides, our tap water is so good we really don’t need them. Instead, we’re simply asking friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses to welcome you in to refill your water bottle with good old tap water – for free!


To find out what Refill is all about, find your nearest station, and how to sign your business up as a new station, Click Here.



Plastic Surgery: 


We want to help local businesses to move away from single-use plastic and change to more sustainable options that is cost effective for them and helps with the litter issue at the beaches. We use the Waste Hierarchy as our guide, with the best first approach to REDUCE any excess or unnecessary packaging, followed by the REUSE of containers by encouraging customers to bring their own and/or provide reusable options. The last option is to resort to using single-use packaging that can be RECYCLED/COMPOSTED.


For more information, packaging solutions and to join our growing community, Click Here.



Business Award: 


Litter Free Coast and Sea has created this free award for all types of businesses along the Dorset and East Devon coast. We know how important clean beaches with high bathing water quality are to the local communities, tourism and the environment. That’s why by making simple changes, business can support and help create cleaner seas.


To find our more and how to apply, Click Here.[/vc_column_text]

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