Love Our Beach Swanage

Swanage ‘Love Our Beach’ Project

The Swanage ‘Love Our Beach’ project aims to engage businesses, residents and visitors alike with changes to everyday habits that can help enhance and protect the bathing water quality in Swanage Bay.

our story so far…

The ‘Love our Beach’ project focusses on bathing water quality in Swanage and how small changes people can make in their daily lives can help maintain and improve it, particularly with Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) in the drainage network. You can read our Project Overview HERE.

We are in our second year of the project and we have been busy, see our Photo Gallery below for information of the work carried out during the project so far:

Photo Gallery


Interactive Model

This model was designed and commissioned to enable us to engage with the public on issues surrounding waste water and pollution. The model is designed to connect people’s homes and businesses to the wider environment and enable an understanding of how the drainage system functions and what can affect it working properly. It has proven to be a very effective communication tool and will continue to be on tour at various events and venues in the coming year.

Fatberg & Toilet Models

We also commissioned models of a fatgerg and toilet to help us illustrate the problems they cause to the in Swanage.

Love Swanage Environment Day

We launched the campaign at Swanages first environment day in November 2018. The event brought together various groups and organisations working locally towards similar goals and included, Litter Free Purbeck, Durlston Country Park Ranger Team, Dorset Wildlife Trust and Wessex Water. We ran the event again in October 2019 where it grew to engage with more people and organisations.

Interactive Display at Swanage Tourist Information Centre

As part of the project, a fantastic new display has been designed and installed by talented Dorset artist Claire Nuttall. Pop along to the TIC on the seafront and take a look at the funky interactive model that highlights how visitors and residents alike can look after Swanage and keep it beautiful, through mindful, responsible behaviour.

what can you do…

Initial surveys in the project showed that there was a general lack of awareness of the issue and how people could have an impact. Many people were unaware of the facility to recycle waste cooking oil locally and there was also confusion and mixed messages over what waste goes where. We designed some publications and materials to help us spread these messages.


Leaflets have been created to explain the problem by showing the connection between peoples’ homes and businesses to the environment. They also give tips on what to do.

Download Leaflet

Fridge Magnets

We also created magnets to be displayed in holiday lets in and around Swanage to help communicate the message to those visiting the area.


We’d love to hear from you so please help us design our campaign by completing a simple questionnaire on current knowledge and practice in your home.


Swanage Carnival 

Carnival time in Swanage on the 28 July, saw Litter Free Coast & Sea in the parade with a ‘walking float’ along with members of Sustainable Swanage and their families. Sarah Spurling commented, “We had a great time on our ‘Love our Beach’ walking procession today in Swanage carnival with Litter Free Purbeck, Swanage Information Centre and Swanage Town Council. Lovely crowd and great atmosphere, perfect for celebrating our coastline…let’s keep it beautiful!” The message was simple ‘Take only Memories, Leave only footprints’ and ‘Have a lovely litter Free Carnival’



Project Co -ordinator Sarah Spurling has been interviewed for Swanage Online about the project.