Love Our Beach Swanage

Swanage ‘Love Our Beach’ Project

The Love Swanage Campaign aims to engage businesses, residents and visitors alike with changes to everyday habits that can help enhance and protect the bathing water quality in Swanage Bay. The focus will be the reduction of fats, oils and greases in the drainage network but there are many areas where we can all make a difference…

The Project So Far

The project runs over 2 years from January 2018 and much of our work over the first 6 months of the project has been planning, research and development. Initial findings have shown that many people were unaware they could recycle waste cooking oil at the local household recycling centre and also of the impact that particular washing up practices can have on the drainage network. There are also mixed and confusing messages about what waste goes where.


The Launch 

We officially launched the campaign at the new ‘Love Swanage’ community environment event that was organised in conjunction with Swanage Town Council. The event brought together various groups and organisations working locally towards similar goals and included, Litter Free Purbeck, Durlston Country Park Ranger Team, Dorset Wildlife Trust and Wessex Water. A great day was had by all and many good conversations took place about how we all love Swanage and the things we can do to look after it.

Interactive Model

This model was designed and commissioned to enable us to engage with the public on issues surrounding waste water and pollution. The model is designed to connect people’s homes and businesses to the wider environment and enable an understanding of how the drainage system functions and what can affect it working properly. It has proven to be a very effective communication tool and will continue to be on tour at various events and venues in the coming year.

Waste Cooking Oil Recycling

A key message in our campaign is the promotion of the recycling facility at the household recycling centre in Swanage. We have been working with Dorset Waste Partnership on new signage and are working on several initiatives to promote oil recycling and its use as a renewable energy.

Fridge Magnet & Flyer

What should I do with fats, oils and grease? Simples. Cool it. Scrape it. Bin it. Follow these easy steps to keep fat, oil and grease out of your pipes by using your ‘Gunk Pot’ or equivalent container, which could be an old jar, yogurt pot etc.

To help promote and raise awareness of the correct disposal of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG), we produced a flyer for householders aiming to clear up confusion caused by mixed messages around food waste disposal and recycling.

And after discussions with local holiday accommodation businesses, we came up with the idea of a fridge magnet designed for holiday home businesses to raise awareness with visitors of the connection between bathing water quality and correct disposal of FOG.

Our top tips to keep your holiday cottage or caravan FOG free are; use your ‘gunk pot’ or similar container to collect cooled fats, oils and grease from roasting trays and frying pans.

Give plates and pans a quick wipe with kitchen roll or newspaper to remove any liquid fat or grease before putting in the sink or dishwasher.

If you’d like a fridge magnet for your holiday let/s, then send an email to:

FOG Leaflet

A leaflet for householders has been produced to assist with understanding what is the correct way to deal with fats, oils and grease food waste. People can receive mixed or confusing messages, so we designed this to be simple and easy to use tips that will have multiple benefits for the environment. We consulted with Dorset Waste Partnership and Wessex Water on correct practices.

You can download a copy using the button below.

Download FOG Leaflet

Business Surveys

We have been conducting surveys with food establishments in Swanage on how they manage the fats, oils and greases in the day to day running of their businesses. Initial response and interest in the campaign has been positive and we look forward to working with and connecting businesses on this issue over the coming year.


We’d love to hear from you so please help us design our campaign  by completing a simple questionnaire on current knowledge and practice in your home.

Our ‘NEW’ FOG fridge magnets are going down well with Wyke Dorset Cottages and Dorset Coastal Cottages.

If you’d like some FREE magnets for your Holiday rental business, then please get in touch. Email:

#FOG causes blockages which can pollute our seas & contaminate beaches.

latest news

Interactive Display at Swanage Tourist Information Centre

As part of the project, a fantastic new display has been designed and installed by talented Dorset artist Claire Nuttall. Pop along to the TIC on the seafront and take a look at the funky interactive model that highlights how visitors and residents alike can look after Swanage and keep it beautiful, through mindful, responsible behaviour.

Coming up in June and July…

We’ll be popping up at the Swanage Fish Festival on 8th-9th June with our Clean Seas display. Plus there’ll be Storytelling with the fabulous Martin Maudsley.

You’ll find us at Swanage Pier during National Marine Week – 27 July – 11 August.